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The Online English Course for Engineering is tailored for engineers with intermediate to advanced (B1-C2) English proficiency levels

The English for Engineering course is specially designed for professional engineers who possess a solid understanding of engineering concepts and for students pursuing engineering degrees. This course aims to equip engineers with the necessary English language proficiency to excel in their professional careers.

By participating in the professional English course for engineering, you will:

  • Enhance your technical English vocabulary and language skills.

  • Improve your professional communication skills and confidence.

  • Take a more active role in international projects and collaborations.

  • Stay informed about global developments in engineering.

  • Break down boundaries in your career and become a global engineering expert.

The English for Engineering course provides a comprehensive vocabulary of around 1,500 essential technical words and phrases in English. These terms have been meticulously selected to cater to the diverse needs of engineers and engineering technicians across various fields. The course covers general engineering concepts such as dimensions, tolerances, common materials, and component assembly. Furthermore, it delves into specialised language related to mechanical, electrical, and civil/structural engineering.

Consisting of 45 units organised into nine thematic modules, the English for Engineering course focuses on key areas of engineering, including materials technology, static and dynamic principles, and mechanisms. These modules are structured to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to learning engineering-related English vocabulary.

By completing the English for Engineering course, learners will gain the confidence and proficiency in English necessary to communicate effectively in engineering workplaces, collaborate with colleagues from diverse linguistic backgrounds, and contribute to the advancement of their engineering careers.

Don't miss this opportunity to take a step forward in your engineering career. Join the English Course for Engineering now!

English for Engineering course topics:

  1. Design

    • Drawings
    • Design development
    • Design solutions

  2. Measurement

    • Horizontal and vertical measurements
    • Locating and setting out
    • Dimensions of circles
    • Dimensional accuracy
    • Numbers and calculations
    • Area, size and mass
    • Measurable parameters

  3. Materials technology

    • Material types
    • Steel
    • Non-ferrous metals
    • Polymers
    • Minerals and ceramics
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Material properties 1
    • Material properties 2
    • Forming, working and heat-treating metal
    • Material formats

  4. Manufacturing and assembly

    • 3D component features
    • Machining 1
    • Machining 2
    • Interconnection
    • Mechanical fasteners 1
    • Mechanical fasteners 2
    • Non-mechanical joints 1
    • Non-mechanical joints 2

  5. Static and dynamic principles

    • Load, stress and strain
    • Force, deformation and failure
    • Structural mechanics
    • Motion and simple machines
    • Moving parts

  6. Energy and temperature

    • Energy
    • Heat and temperature

  7. Fluids

    • Fluid containment
    • Fluid pressure
    • Fluid dynamics

  8. Mechanisms

    • Engines and motors
    • Transmission 1
    • Transmission 2

  9. Electricity

    • Current, voltage and resistance
    • Electrical supply
    • Circuits and components

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Course details
Event language English
Age range Adults (Age 20 to 39) Adults (Age 40 to 59) Adults (Age 60 and over)
B1 (Intermediate)
B2 (Upper-intermediate)
C1 (Advanced)
C2 (Proficiency)
Meeting platform Zoom
Min 8 / Max 10
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