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Corporate Education

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The hidden key to success: Explore the surprising advantages of corporate training

In today's highly competitive business world, success and staying ahead of the competition are vital for every company. While many companies focus solely on the innovation of products and services, you can maximize your market expansion by participating in our customized training programs tailored to your team's needs.

What is corporate training?

Corporate training, also known as workplace learning, is a strategic investment in employee development. It includes specially designed programs and initiatives to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of your workforce. These programs enable your employees to achieve maximum productivity in the shortest possible time, in alignment with your organizational goals.

Why invest in corporate language training?

The world's top 100 companies invest more than twice as much in corporate training programs compared to other companies. This significantly reduces staff turnover, earns higher employee satisfaction, and greatly increases profitability by streamlining workflows.

When we analyze corporate training programs with numbers, it is clearly seen that they provide a very strong return on investment. For every unit of investment you make in your employees' training, you receive a high return of 353%. This means that every unit of your investment will come back to your company as 4.53 units.

Increase workforce productivity

Maximize customer satisfaction

Reduce turnover rates

Boost employee motivation

Strengthen your brand reputation

Corporate training formats that best fit your needs

Private lessons

BWANS® offers personalized 1:1 private lesson programs, enabling you to learn English comfortably and at your own pace while focusing on your specific goals! You can schedule private lessons with our professional tutors at your preferred day and time, allowing you to enhance your English skills quickly and effectively.

Group trainings

Access programs tailored to improve the language skills required in your employees' professional lives with BWANS® group training sessions. Through training conducted by our professional tutors, you can establish stronger communication with your foreign customers or suppliers and achieve smoother workflow in your business.


BWANS® workshop trainings provide short and intensive sessions on specific topics, assisting your employees in developing targeted skills in a shorter time frame. By participating in short-term preparatory trainings for periodic needs such as presentations, meetings, and international fairs, you can optimize your team's performance.

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As part of our corporate training programs, you can have your employees' English language proficiency, reading, listening, and speaking skills tested for free. By creating small groups tailored to your company's and employees' needs, you can start your training at the most suitable times for you.

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