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The online English course for fashion design is specially designed for participants who are already working in the fashion industry or wish to step into this field and have a elementary to upper-intermediate level (A2-B1) of English proficiency

In the fashion industry, flawless communication is the key to success. The professional English course for fashion design focuses on developing necessary communication skills and specific English vocabulary for the fashion industry in daily conversations and workflow.

Comprehensive topics and fast learning

Our fashion design professional English course, consisting of eight comprehensive units, allows you to explore different roles and responsibilities in the fashion industry, from pattern cutters to stylists. It covers all stages of garment development, from design inception to production, promotion, and retail.

Personalised experience

Thanks to its modular format, our course is also suitable for professionals with busy schedules. You can process each module independently and make selections based on your areas of interest. With the option for 1:1 private lessons, you can access personalised attention and support tailored to your individual needs.

Empower your career

By enrolling in the English course for the fashion industry, you will:

  • Gain strong English communication skills: Express yourself confidently and clearly in English.

  • Learn to foster effective collaboration: Communicate in English with different teams and international partners.

  • Seize international career opportunities: Gain a competitive advantage in the global fashion industry.

Step into the global fashion world

Stand out in the competitive fashion industry with exceptional English skills. Our online professional English course, designed for fashion designers, unlocks new opportunities for career advancement. Sign up today!

English for the Fashion Industry course topics:

  1. Introduction to fashion

    • Working in fashion
    • Garments and garment parts
    • Colors

  2. History of fashion

    • Milestones in fashion
    • Fashion trends
    • Illustration techniques

  3. Textiles

    • Types of fabrics
    • Fabric processing
    • Fabric care instructions

  4. Garment constructions

    • Pattern equipment
    • Pattern pieces
    • Measurements and specifications

  5. Production

    • Production problems
    • Packaging methods

  6. Promotion

    • Promotional channels
    • Branding
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Writing press releases

  7. Events

    • Planning
    • Job roles and responsibilities
    • Fashion writing

  8. Retail

    • Merchandising
    • Displays
    • Negotiating

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English Course for Fashion Design is going to start soon.
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Course details
Event language English
Age range Teens (Age 15 to 19) Adults (Age 20 to 39) Adults (Age 40 to 59) Adults (Age 60 and over)
A2 (Elementary)
B1 (Intermediate)
B2 (Upper-intermediate)
C1 (Advanced)
C2 (Proficiency)
Meeting platform Zoom
Min 8 / Max 10
Event calendar and syllabus

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