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C1 Advanced Level English Course (Online)

Master the nuances of English communication for confident and effective conversations in any setting

The C1 Advanced Level English Course is designed for participants who have completed B2 level and want to possess advanced communication skills in the English language.

In our C1 Advanced Level English Course, you will learn the nuances of the English language and the skills to understand, critique and analyze complex texts to participate in in-depth discussions.

By joining our C1 Advanced Level Online English Course, you will learn to use English in a more sophisticated way and start communicating successfully in academic and professional settings in a short time.

C1 Advanced Level General English Course Coverage:

  • Understand a wide range of demanding English texts and recognise implicit meanings.

  • Develop the skills to express yourself fluently and spontaneously in English without much obvious searching for expressions.

  • Practise how to use English flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

  • Learn how to produce detailed texts which use sophisticated organisational structures.

  • Study subjects such as sport, money, the arts and time.

  • Focus on technical issues, for example, adding emphasis and hypothetical meaning.

Advantages of our C1 Advanced Level General English Course:

  • Practical focus: We focus on English speaking skills that you can use in real life, making your language learning experience practical.

  • Permanent learning: We help you reinforce what you have learned with effective and permanent English learning techniques so that you do not forget.

  • Fun and interactive lessons: We offer the opportunity to learn English in a comfortable and interactive environment with our experienced and friendly trainers.

  • Small groups: Improve your language skills faster by joining in small groups where you can get individual attention and feedback.

  • Affordable price: Learn a new language without straining your budget with our high-quality and affordable English course.

  • Free certificate: Document your language skills by receiving a free certificate upon successful completion of our English courses.

Our English level descriptors are based on the CEFR framework set by the Council of Europe.

Enroll in our C1 Advanced Level English Course and take a step forward in your English learning journey!

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C1 Advanced Level English Course (Online) is going to start soon.
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Course details
Event language English
Age range Teens (Age 15 to 19) Adults (Age 20 to 39) Adults (Age 40 to 59) Adults (Age 60 and over)
C1 (Advanced)
Meeting platform Google Meet
Min 8 / Max 10
Event calendar and syllabus

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