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The Online English Course for Logistics is tailored for shipping agents, customs brokers, and freight forwarders with intermediate to advanced (B1-C2) English proficiency levels

English is the common language of the logistics world. Being proficient in English is essential for communicating with customers, engaging in international trade, and building a global career.

By participating in Professional English Courses for Logistics, you can quickly learn all the English terms and sentence structures you need in your business life, from abbreviations used in logistics to transportation options and container varieties. By practicing English conversation with real-life examples, you can start communicating with your colleagues and international connections in English without stress.

The online English course for logistics is a comprehensive vocational English training program developed by industry experts and language specialists. It covers the following topics related to the logistics industry:

  • Transportation and freight terminology

  • Customs and trade regulations

  • Storage and inventory management

  • Transportation and distribution

  • Supply chain management

The Logistics English course aims to enhance participants' English reading, comprehension, writing, and speaking skills, enabling them to advance their careers in the logistics sector and maximize the efficiency of logistics operations within companies.

By joining the English course for the logistics sector, you can:

  • Improve communication with your colleagues, customers, and business partners.

  • Specialize in terminology specific to the logistics sector.

  • Showcase your improved English communication skills in meetings and presentations.

  • Boost your confidence in conducting business in English.

  • Seize global career opportunities in the logistics industry.

Enroll in vocational English courses for Logistics today to make a difference in the logistics sector and build a global career!

English for Logistics course topics:

  1. Introduction to logistics

    • Setting the scene
    • Jobs in logistics
    • Regular activities

  2. Logistics services

    • Logistics acronyms
    • Product ranges
    • 3PL providers
    • Value-added services

  3. Inventory management and procurement

    • Inventory management
    • Continuous replenishment
    • Job advertisements

  4. Modes of transport

    • Transport handling equipment
    • Container types
    • Types of goods

  5. Planning and arranging transport

    • Transport options
    • Measurements
    • Quotations

  6. Shipping goods

    • Markings
    • Loading
    • Advice of shipment
    • Shipping instructions

  7. Warehousing and storage

    • Handling equipment
    • Warehouse areas
    • Warehousing today

  8. Documentation and finance

    • Documents in foreign trade
    • Import instructions
    • Payment methods

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Course details
Event language English
Age range Adults (Age 20 to 39) Adults (Age 40 to 59) Adults (Age 60 and over)
B1 (Intermediate)
B2 (Upper-intermediate)
C1 (Advanced)
C2 (Proficiency)
Meeting platform Zoom
Min 8 / Max 10
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